What is Sustainability Success?

Coffee cherry

Inside a developing coffee cherry

Sustainability in coffee is critical – but the definition of true sustainability is still complicated.

At the beginning of the NCA Coffee Summit 2015 in Austin, Texas, moderator Laura Freebairn-Smith asked the attendees to collaborate in small groups to discuss the question:

How would you know sustainability efforts were successful?

Here are some of their answers:  Continue reading

First-Ever Official International Coffee Day to Take Place on Oct. 1, 2015

ICO International Coffee Day

We’re excited to be a part of the inaugural celebration of the coffee industry, which will focus on raising support for smallholder coffee farmers.

The ICO and Oxfam‘s “Caffè Sospeso Against Poverty” campaign is based on the concept of a ‘caffè sospeso,’ an Italian tradition of paying for a second cup of coffee to be given to a person in need.

Learn more over on the International Coffee Organization Blog, and stay tuned for updates.

How will you celebrate the first #InternationalCoffeeDay?