Meet Our Members

Connecting the coffee community


Looking for someone? Search the NCA Business Directory to find roasters, vendors, and more.

Reily Foods

“[The NCA is the] best way to reconnect with people you spend any given day emailing or talking with on the phone.” Read more >>

Solex Thermal Science

“Our technology is rooted in sustainability, with up to 90% lower energy consumption than traditional methods.” Read more >>

Coffee Analysts

“Coffee is a global product that is local in every stage of the farm-to-cup process.” Read more >>

Brauner International

“We believe in building and maintaining strong bonds within the coffee community.” Read more >>


“People want their coffee quick and simple, so quality and sweeteners often take a back seat.” Read more >>


“The very act of sharing coffee is so simple and social; it’s the easiest way to make someone’s day.” Read more >> 

PMI (Pacific Market International)

“[Our passion is] carrying coffee’s story, and corresponding brands, into the consumer’s hand – and beyond the garbage can.”  Read more >>

Lorenz Conveying Products

“Focus your energy on something you feel passionate about.” Read more >>

If you’re a member of the National Coffee Association and want to learn more about how your company can be featured here, please contact Kyra Auffermann at

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Members

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  2. Is there a non-toxic way to rid the coffee plant with Rust Disease? If so, what and how cost effective is it? Who are the companies that provide such a fungicide?


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