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2009 Creative Commons photo by Jake Liefer via Daily Coffee News

“Whether the education … is passive, active, or a little of both, the important thing is to make sure that we communicate in ways that stimulate, but don’t intimidate; that invite, but don’t obligate; and that welcome people into this thing we all love, called coffee.”

Read the full article: Consider Active vs. Passive Consumer Education at the Coffee BarDaily Coffee News

First-Ever Official International Coffee Day to Take Place on Oct. 1, 2015

ICO International Coffee Day

We’re excited to be a part of the inaugural celebration of the coffee industry, which will focus on raising support for smallholder coffee farmers.

The ICO and Oxfam‘s “Caffè Sospeso Against Poverty” campaign is based on the concept of a ‘caffè sospeso,’ an Italian tradition of paying for a second cup of coffee to be given to a person in need.

Learn more over on the International Coffee Organization Blog, and stay tuned for updates.

How will you celebrate the first #InternationalCoffeeDay?

Kaneland, LLC: “Take Something Great and Make It Even Better”

LOCATION: Providence, R.I.
CONNECT: Follow @GetNack on Twitter, or find them on Facebook.

Practice random acts of coffee billboard

What does Kaneland do?

Kaneland is a mobile application development company. Our first product, Nack, is a smartphone app which allows users to share their coffee and beverage preferences while learning more about their friends’ ideal cup of coffee. Continue reading

The Next Step in Sustainability Standards

By Verónica Perez, 4C Association

HN producer meeting 2 March2014

Last year over 149 million bags of coffee were consumed around the world. The love for this black beverage keeps growing in new markets, with more and more people enjoying coffee in their daily lives.

But as much as they love their cup, an increasing number of consumers also have concerns about the conditions in which farmers produce their beans. Even those less conscious would be upset to find out that protected areas are being deforested to grow coffee, or that pesticides used in production could be putting the health of farmers and workers at risk.

Companies are under increasing pressure to supply coffee that has been produced in accordance to sustainability criteria. But this is not always easy. Continue reading

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

By William (Bill) Murray, President & CEO, NCA
Twitter: @Bill_CoffeeAssn


Just today we received an email from one of our member companies – asking if they could refer customers to a recent post on this blog to find information about good single-serve coffee machine maintenance. Yes, please do!

We were delighted to field this question – and would like to encourage all of our members to use our resources.

As an NCA member, your dues help fund all of our work, including our communications. You can help us serve you – and get more bang for your buck, too – by amplifying the NCA’s reach by tapping your own social media channels.  Continue reading

Lorenz Conveying Products: “It Flows Very Nicely!”

New Member Spotlight

Introducing the latest addition to the NCA community.

Access Door SideLocation: Cobourg Ontario Canada
NCA Member Since: 2015
Twitter: @lorenzconveying

What does Lorenz Conveying Products do?

Lorenz manufactures components for dry bulk gravity & pneumatic conveying systems. Diverter valves, roller gates, couplings, elbows, fittings, cyclones and custom fabrications are all part of the product line manufactured specifically for the coffee/food industries.  Continue reading

Pacific Market International

New Member Spotlight

Introducing the latest addition to the NCA community.


Located: Seattle, WA
NCA Member Since: June 2015

What does PMI do?

As global experts in the industry, we partner with large specialty coffee chains to elevate their brand through compelling, high-quality product and merchandising solutions that engage and inspire their consumer. We believe in creating on-trend and innovative products that are not only approachable but consumer relevant.  Continue reading